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It can be a chameleon and disappear, or, to the contrary, bring colour and originality to your interior. Choose your most beautiful photos, your most lovely paintings, an image from our collection or some royalty free art , create a message and your home interior will be unique and capable of being adapted to your own desires!

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Print quality

High print quality without solvent and without plastic lamination


Solide et Durable

The quality of manufacture guarantees a good longevity to the box


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BOX BY YOU is based on the Axepta BNP Paribas Online offer.


  • 3 sizes : 16x9x6 cm, 21,5x15,5x6 cm, 31x23x7cm,
  • The box container slides into the fully customizable lid snaps,
  • Robust and rigid cardboard structure,
  • High quality printing very resistant and without plastic lamination,
  • To know the interior dimensions, take the exterior dimensions minus 6mm.


 Box By You Cadeau enfant

Gift Idea

2 gifts in 1

Give a gift of clothes for a newborn baby in a beautiful personalised box . Your kindness will radiate positive vibes in the bedroom or lounge as well as being decorative and useful.

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Box By You - deco idea

Decoration ideas

Create a unique interior design

Your creations placed on a table or on a shelf will enhance your home interior design in addition to being useful…you can place them horizontally or vertically with a photo, a design or simply a colour and your home will be unique. Goodbye to cluttered shelves and welcome artistic tidiness!

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Our prints

You will notice the superior definition of our designs, the superb intensity of our colours and the incomparable durability of our inks. BOX BY YOU has chosen to use solvent free inks even though the cost is 2-3 times more expensive than inks containing solvents.

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of our business

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Our glues

99% of the glues used in our workshop are natural, entirely recyclable and biodegradable ; and free from any toxicity for humans. Our concern for the environment makes us very careful about the materials we use.  

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Drawer box

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