22 Oct. 2021

Collaboration with the stylist-modelist Quynh Bui

Collaboration with the stylist-modelist Quynh Bui

BOX BY YOU offers you a varied range of themes created by the stylist-modelist Quynh Bui.

Graduate of the Haute Ecole d’Art, laureate of the prix La Redoute x Head and the prize Master Mercedes-Benz.

Quynh is renowned for the architectural approach to clothing and disproportionate sense of volume that bring such originality to her creations.

BOX BY YOU is flattered to work with her talent in creating new collections combining her creativity with your own universe.

Let yourself be inspired by her patterns, you will be able to combine the creativity of this artist with your own universe to create your boxes.

If you want to know more about Quynh Bui, click on the following link  https://quynhtbui.wixsite.com/designs/press